Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Stealing

Whilst Sunday Social is on hiatus, I was invited to join the Sunday Stealing link-up!  This week's theme is loosely centred around travel, so let's get to it!

Ok let’s talk travel, do you like to travel?
Actually, I kind of don't.  It's such a hassle trying to get around, and I hate working around bus schedules, airport security, and oh yeah I'm not the biggest fan of flying, either!  I like being there, I just don't really particularly enjoy getting there.  Also, I get carsick really easily.

Where have you been?  I've only been to the West Coast once - to the San Francisco area, when I was sixteen.  In 2010 I went to London twice(ish) and from there to Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, and Venice.

Next place you want to go?  I would love to go back to Amsterdam in the warmer months, or to trip across America and see the Grand Canyon and Great Salt Lake.  But lately I've been kind of homesick for upstate New York, where I grew up.  I bet the foliage is doooope up there right now.

What is something you MUST take with you when you travel?  I don't like to admit this, but I'm pretty high-maintenance.  I have a million little bottles of face wash, tea tree oil, sunscreen, coconut butter, shampoo, conditioner, eye makeup remover...I think I'd enjoy travel more if I didn't have to worry about my entourage of bottles!

How do you like to travel? (mode of transportation)
  I enjoy Greyhound buses.  I don't know why they get such a bad rep!  If only I could read on the bus, that would be the best!

I look miserable in this photo from a bus trip last year, but trust me, I really do love the bus.

With someone, or alone?  It's been forever since I've travelled with a companion (cough cough Doctor Who reference) and I understand why the Doctor does - it's more fun to share experiences with someone!

Do you dance in your car when there are other people with you?  YES.  Moving on.

If you're quiet what does it mean?  I'm sick, tired, or hungry.  Dire circumstances, basically.

avorite scent?  Nutz 4 Nuts carts here in the city!  Warm, sweet nuts.  Mmm.

Favorite store?  Trader Joe's, obviously.  Or any craft store!

Say you wanted coffee.. what kind is your favorite?  Snickerdoodle coffee from Tom's back in Binghamton, New York...almost worth travelling for!

Favorite kind of pizza?  gluten-free pizza is so hard to do well...but I have rosy memories of Nirchi's pizza back in Vestal, New York I TOLD YOU I WAS HOMESICK!  Best pizza, hands down, is at John's of Bleecker Street.  Wood fire.  Say no more.

Do you get embarrassed easily?  I wouldn't say that, but when I do, I blush easily.  I don't mind making a fool of myself, but when someone flatters me (or I get caught flirting) I turn so red it's almost aubergine.

Do you mind people asking you personal questions?  I'm pretty much an open book, so no, I'm more flattered that someone is taking an interest.

You have a tank of gas, $50, and the day off… what do you do?  Take a long walk down to Chelsea Market, hit up the Artists and Fleas, splurge on something shiny for my phalanges, hit up Sockerbits and waste the rest of the money on salty licorice.  Then use the tank of gas to burn this mutha down.

Favorite tv show?  Of all time?  Probably Battlestar Galactica.  Talking (or even just thinking about it) makes me REALLY EXCITED.

Song you turn the volume up all the way to listen to?  Preeeeeetty much anything.  I like to be surprised, which is why I'm such a fan of Pandora radio.

Something you keep in your car?  I'm a New Yorker, I don't have a car.  Moving on.

 Highlight of your day?  That first sip of morning coffee is pretty great, as is that warm mug of tea I usually steep at the end of the night.  Warm beverages are the bee's pajamaz.

 Something you do everyday that you wish you didn’t have to do?  Okay, I'll just say it:  I'm terrible at shaving my legs.  It always ends in blood.  It takes forever and I hate having to do it. 

 Do you mind if people just show up at your house unannounced?  I'm never home, so this is usually not an issue, but in general, that's not something I want to encourage.

What do you do when you disagree with someone?  Assume that they're an idiot?  No, I like to poke holes in their argument.  Debate, Devil's Advocate, and appealing to their common sense.  If it's about religion, and I feel like I won't get anywhere with logic, I just shut my trap.  I'll drop into the conversation that I'm an atheist, and let them prove their character my what they do next.

Do you enjoy rain?  Not when I'm working (outside)!!!  But I love rainy days when I don't have anything to do.  Maybe in a couple of months.

Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Talkin' Cosplay

The super-cool ladies The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick started this ol's thing called 5 Fandom Friday!  Each Friday is a different theme and this week, we're talking about the five characters we'd like to dress up as for Halloween:

1.  Any Classic Doctor Who
  I already have the Tom Baker scarf, I would love to try to pull off a bowtie and suspenders like 2...or the dandy frippery of 3!  How classic and cool would anyone look, really, in a beige suit with celery?  Punctuate that with a question-mark umbrella!

2.  Sailor Moon  I mean, we have so much in common - both of us being boy-crazy, dessert-lovin' melodramatic klutzes and all.  Not to mention the fact that I am reincarnated from the Moon Princess...  er, maybe not.  But Usagi fights for love and justice, summoning up the strength that she derives from her friends and from knowing that she must do what is right.  What better girl-power heroine could there be?

3.  Any Heinlein babe  I have become obsessed with Heinlein for many good reasons and would love to show my geek pride by dressing up as any of the Heinlein female characters - Adorable Dora, Friday, or Maureen Johnson.  Unfortunately, nobody would grok my meaning and also, most Heinlein ladies typically walk around in the buff.  Who needs clothes? Uh, I DO.  ENNNT.  Not gonna do it.

4.  Six  ...but only on the condition that I get tinny, sexy music to follow me around (and get to hang all over Gaius Baltar...meeee-ow!)

5.  Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  ummm, is this a thing?  Could I pull this off?  It would be terribly difficult...but totally worth it for the obscurity and because that's probably my favourite album of all time!

October 17th:  Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween
October 24th:  My Must See List of Halloween Movies
October 31st:  The Halloween Candy I Always Hope For When Trick-Or-Treating

November  7th:  Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better
November 14th:  Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without
November 21st:  Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast
November 28th:  Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Soy Chorizo

Trader Joe's Soy Chorizo

Tastes Like:  SPOILER ALERT.  this may be the most delicious thing I've bought at Trader Joe's EVER.  It's spicy but not TOO spicy, the texture is sorta like ground beef but BETTER, less chewy.

Great With:  the instructions say to sauté to heat it up, and I would recommend adding very finely diced mushrooms or orange or green peppers when you cook it up!

Perfect For:  Breakfast:  toss in with scrambled eggs, broccoli, shredded Queso Blanco, mushrooms and scoop onto an English muffin

Lunch/Dinner: sauté it up and make tacos topped with sour cream, avocado, cheese, broccoli, spiralized zucchini

Snack:  heat it up and dump it on top of some blue corn chips and top with cheese so it melts and have the best nachos you can believe!

Must Know:  Labelled "gluten free" right on front, it's vegan, this is a crowd-pleaser!

Costs:  $1.99 apiece.  APIECE!  HALF of this package makes right tacos and a plate of nachos that was dinner for two hungry adults.  I also made an egg and veggie scramble with HALF a package and there was leftovers.  This stuff goes A LONG WAY, and it's DIRT CHEAP.  Can we say VALUE?  

Monday, October 13, 2014

Sunday at NYCC

Sunday was my longest day so far at New York Comic Con, with the least photos to show for it!  I decided to try to throw together a last-minute costume and felt really cute doing this twee, hipster, gender-bent Fourth Doctor!  Saw the talking K-9 and couldn't resist.  We made a smashing pair, isn't that right, K-9?  Affirmative!

Started out the day by seeing a panel on transgender representation in comics that blew my mind.  Made friends while waiting in line, too!  Then just narrowly missed getting Scott Snyder to sign a copy of The Black Mirror (my favourite Batman arc) for me.  Ah well, next year!  I wandered around for hours, just touching things, looking at things, taking people's photos and posing for photos as well!  Some of the coolest things at Con are things I never got photos of, like the giant stage where Just Dance was happening THE WHOLE TIME.  And Artist's Alley, which is the best place to take photos of people in costume.  It's so hard to put into words how much fun it is to just chat with people about, say, Tom Baker's Prime Computer ads with Lalla Ward and not have someone stare back blankly at you but actually listen and be interested!  That's one of the things I'll miss about Comic Con until it happens again.  Other things I will miss:

-  Making friends with people based off their costume
-  So many funny/witty t-shirts!
-  Recognizing people dressed as obscure references
-  Pointing at cute guys in costume and just yelling "NIIIICE!" because that's totally allowed.

Things I will NOT miss:

-  Waiting in line to pee every time-  The smell of day-old pleather jumpsuits in a room with no air-conditioning
-  Getting "flat tire" -ed
-  Hentai posters.  No offence if you're into that sort of thing.

In spite of all that, I'm still so excited for next year already!  I hope to sit in on more awesome panels, check out some screenings, get more autographs and even dress up again!  What to wear, what to wear???  Any suggestions?

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Saturday at NYCC 2014

So on Saturday at NYCC 2014 my friend dressed up as Ragdoll from Secret Six.  I spent a good part of the day taking photographs of his awesome cosplay and of getting his mask signed by Gail Simone - who confirmed NEW SECRET SIX STARTING IN DECEMBER!  At least we have something to look forward to!

In addition to my old friend, I made some new ones:

REMINDER:  cosplay is not consent.  Always ask before you pet someone's Wookie.  THIS guy was THE BEST Han Solo of ALL time.  His Millenium Falcon was made entirely out of corrugated cardboard and the textures and layering of it was ingenious.  The back of it LIT UP and it had several compartments (for phone and snacks, etc!).  He said it took MONTHS and it was well worth it!  Great job!

THIS guy RIGHT HERE totally nailed his Colin Baker Sixth Doctor costume.  It was almost like Colin Baker had hopped in the TARDIS and driven it to Earth, New York City, Javits Center for NYCC 2014 just to rub elbows with his fans with, yeah, is totally something Colin Baker would do.  He was such a nice guy as well!

And of course, you've already seen this guy!  He was AMAZING!  He moved and talked and was just like real.  I got to touch him and pose on him and I loved it!  As close to owning a Dalek you should probably get because they're insane and terribly dangerous. 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Friday at NYCC 2014

Friday morning I was all set to get to NYCC2014 bright and early when disaster struck! A water main broke on my subway line - where's Aquaman when you actually NEED him? - and I wound up missing the only panel I really wanted to see that day.  It took a while for the pieces to fall together...

hah hah hah.

But once they did, I was literally squealing with delight to finally have arrived at ComicCon!

There were so many totally kick-ass costumes...this pair had dressed up as Jon Pertwee, the Third Doctor, and Rose Tyler!   Old meets new!  I think Rose would have been a great companion for Pertwee, actually!

Totally cute guys totally nailing the "group costume" category with this Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog cosplay.

The best Joker at con, in my opinion, was this totally adorable and sweet gentleman who let me pose awkwardly with him.  AWW!

A Colin Baker Sixth Doctor cosplay?  You  betcha!  Hell, even Colin HIMSELF said he didn't want to wear this outfit.  This cool dude saw my legwarmers and beelined for me, I could barely stammer out how cool his outfit was and ask for a picture.

But the boldest costume of the day...

This Towelie stayed in character the WHOLE DAY!  Reminding people to bring a towel, asking if they wanted to get high, and hurling out the catchphrase "You're a towel!"  Oh, he was great!

I also picked up a couple cool items:  a copy of Jack Kirby's Street Code, a new tokidoki unicorn for my bookshelf, and an anthology of comic shorts inspired by Queen songs entitled Killer Queen!

Friday, October 10, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Nerdrobe Must-Haves

Welcome back to the second thrilling installment of 5 Fandom Friday with The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChickThis week, we're talking about clothes.  Nerdy clothes!  Frak yes!  My nerdrobe (that's a portmanteau of "nerd" and "wardrobe", guh!) is pretty full to begin with but could always cast a spell to create more space for these items:

1.  I'm Not Lazy Sweatshirt  okay, maybe I am a bit lazy, but isn't that even more appropriate to Usagi's character?  Pass the rice buns, I was up all night fighting evil by moonlight and don't you think I deserve some rice buns?  I'll punish you!

2.  Wood For Your Sheep?  a Catan reference?  Seriously, who is going to get this joke?  Uh, Other Catan Nerds!  And we all know that no matter what you do, you always find yourself rolling in the sheep and in need of wood, amirite, guys, srsly, amirite?

3.  Blue Dalek dress  those who know me know I have a thing for blue daleks.  Right?  Right.  So when HerUniverse only had red, gold and white, I was like, "ennnnhhhh" but now I have no excuse.  I'll be wearing this to every fancy occasion henceforth, thank you...

4.  Fourth Doctor over-the-knee socks  I have worn my argyle Dalek socks almost literally to death.  Then I have discovered something amazing!  ThinkGeek has a bevy of tall, Doctor Who-themed socks.  Oy. 

5.  U.N.I.T. tee  Brigadier would have a fit at all this Doctor Who paraphenalia.  Out of uniform?  Never!  U.N.I.T. tee ensures you escape the Brig's wrath.  Even if you're just going to fall into a crevasse.  Oh, Harry Sullivan.

October  3rd:  Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today
October 10th:  Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately
October 17th:  Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween
October 24th:  My Must See List of Halloween Movies
October 31st:  The Halloween Candy I Always Hope For When Trick-Or-Treating

November  7th:  Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better
November 14th:  Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without
November 21st:  Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast
November 28th:  Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

Thursday, October 9, 2014

#tbt Last Year's ComicCon


I hope everyone's cosplay is finished, have gotten their flu shots, have bought enough granola bars to stuff into their bags, and have slid insoles into their Storm Trooper boots.  I am so excited to drool on Artist's Alley, to finger all the merch on the show floor, and to shiver in the back of the panels and screenings.

Speaking of which, last year, this scarf saved my life.  Not really.  But I busted my ass to finish it at 6am on Friday before Comic Con!  And on Sunday, in the very last panel of the day, I was freeeeeeezing.  So I wrapped up in it and was warm and cozy.  Cosplay saved my life!  No, not really.  But I can't wait to see everyone's experiences at NYCC this year!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Nutty Bits

Tastes Like:  Part granola bar, part chocolate dessert treat.

Great With:  Nobody.  Don't share these.  Eat them alone in a dark corner where no one can witness your shame.

Perfect For:  Those times when you "feel like a nut."  Or for sneaking into ComicCon and eating in the back row of a panel!

Must Know:  Labelled "gluten free" right on front!

Costs:  $3.99 for a bag that will be empty sooner than you'd like to admit.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Geeky Confessions

Circling around the blogosphere is a little link-up started by Mariko of Gamerwife.  Loads of other nerds have listed their geek confessions and I think it does the world some good to see that there is diversity and acceptance out there, even for people who think that Riley was the best Buffy boyfriend.  Well, maybe not that far...

CONFESSION #1:  I'm just not that into Star Trek

My grandma used to watch the show when she was alive, and she was pretty into it...I gave it a whirl for my roommate's sake, but it just doesn't push my buttons.  Sorry !  I can't explain it.  It's like when you date somebody - there has to be chemistry.  I'm sorry, Star Trek.  It's not you.  It's not me.  It's just that we aren't meant to be.

CONFESSION #2:  I'm not cool enough to cosplay

I tried buying a costume for this year's ComicCon and within two hours and three different Forever 21s I decided that maybe it's just not in the cards for me.  I can appreciate  - and oh, I definitely do! - people who can pull it off.  But I guess I've donned enough costumes in my past as an actress that I kind of like dressing up as ME for cons.  Comfort wins over spandex here.

As close as I get to cosplay - you can see garbage in the background.  Ugh.  Failing.

CONFESSION #3:  I didn't see the original Star Wars trilogy until 2012...

...not in it's entirety, anyways.  And speaking of...

CONFESSION #4:  I've never seen the prequels...and I don't intend to.

I love ice cream.  I love hot fudge.  But yeah, too much hot fudge spoils the ice cream.  Is that an apt metaphor?  Maybe I just want ice cream.  Yeah, that's it.

CONFESSION #5:  I'm terrible at video games

LAUGHABLY so.  My brother likes to play me in MarioKart because he can lap me three times in Rainbow Road before I've gone around once, I'm too busy over-correcting my steering and falling off the edge of existence.  Maybe THAT's a metaphor, too?  Mmm, ice cream...

CONFESSION #6:  I liked Twilight.  Yes, the books AND the movies.

Twilight came into my life as I was having my quarter-life crisis i.e. my 25th birthday.  I know it's repressive and silly and juvenile but I clung to that adolescent love story as the passing of my youth.  I'd like to say I've learned my lesson since...

CONFESSION #7:  I don't like Sailor Moon Crystal
New things, BAD!  I love me some Sailor Moon - and most of the charm, I felt, was in the goofy, awful bits!  The new one is too....sleek, and subtle.  And creepily sexy, like a Bratz doll?

CONFESSION #8:  I stopped watching Doctor Who after David Tennant and Russel T. Davies left

I've caught the odd episode here and there, but to me, it just doesn't feel like Doctor Who anymore.  See above:  new stuff BAD!  Making it sleeker and sexier and more Tim Burton-y kind of ruined it for me.  I prefer to dive into the old episodes, even if they are slow, clunky, poorly lit and the monsters are made out of bubble wrap.  It's more heartfelt that way!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Sunday Social

1. Favorite Month and why?

OCTOBER ALL THE WAY!!!  Next weekend I'll be at New York Comic Con, and then Halloween is just around the corner!  October is the one month of "nice fall" that New York City seems to get before that horrible, legendary New York winter sets in.  Leaves start to change and become ticker-tape, Nutz 4 Nutz carts begin rolling out, and the anticipation of the grand spectacle of the Holidays in New York City starts to build!  But before all the tourists and the hoopla and the weather-related train delays, we have October. 

2. Favorite Holiday and why?

It's obvious that I love Halloween, that's my favourite holiday.  Can I say that my second-favourite holiday might surprise you?  Valentine's Day!  Okay, to a frequent reader of this blog, that is not a surprise. I am a terrible hopeless romantic.  And both Halloween and V-day usually involve chocolate, so there ya go.

3. Are you getting the new iPhone or are you more of an Android person?

My trusty iPhone 4 has served me well thus far - I really don't see getting an upgrade anytime soon but if (knock wood) something BAD happens to my phone (Kidnapped Taken-style?), I'd probably get an iPhone 5.  The closest thing to my current phone.  I don't need bells and whistles and frankly, this old dog is too old to learn new tricks.

4. Most thoughtful gift you have ever received from someone?

Awwww, shit, the first thing that came to my mind was "life...from my parents".  Which is hella corny but I guess I'll let it stay there.

5. Something you can’t wait to splurge on?

I am saving up pennies to buy a new pair of Converse.  My current pairs are holding up but I really feel like they are on an any-minute-now-they-may-fall-apart basis, so I'm eyeing some either HOT PINK or dark eggplant purple lo-tops for my next purchase!  May the tips be ever in my favor!

Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Fandom Friday: Gateway Fandoms

The Nerdy Girlie and SuperSpaceChick are running a two-month long community building project ( ? ) called Five Fandom Friday!  You know I love to play these wicked games and I couldn't resist joining in on the fun!  If you do, too, please comment a link to your post as well!  I look forward to seeing everyone's creative answers!

The first topic of tackling is Five Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today.  What is a gateway fandom?  I'm really not sure, actually.  Which makes me all the more excited to read everyone else's answers!  Here's what I though of when I interpreted the question:

1.  Historical Fiction  when I was a kid, I was obsessed with the American Girl books.  I loved reading about the past, and, when I was ten, I begged my parents to take me on vacation to Colonial Williamsburg.  I think my parents believed that when I grew up, I'd run away from home to become a historical re-enactor there or at some Renaissance festival.  Today, I give ghost tours for a living!  It's pretty much the closest you can get to living the childhood dream!  Er, with all the benefits of indoor plumbing.  My fascination with the past has probably had the most impact on my life today.

2.  Harry Potter  ...and I have the same birthday!  No kidding!  I actually totally did this one wrong, reading the third book (Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) FIRST, then listening to the first two books on tape and later that summer, attending the midnight release party for the fourth book!  True story:  Harry Potter is the reason for my deep and abiding fear of spoilers.  Spoilers ahead, FYI!  After the midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, I came home, heated up some leftover pizza and cracked my copy open...and it fell open to a random page in the back, and my eyes lighted upon the phrase "...Dumbledore's grave..." and I dropped to my knees and wailed in agony!  Ruined!  The whole book, ruined!  Since then, I have a terrible fear of spoilers of any kind.

3.  The Twilight Zone
  is where I grew up.  Literally!  I come from the same small town as Rod Serling, the show's creator: Binghamton, NY!  And many of the episodes are based on Binghamton.  Which means that, as a proud Binghamtonian, whenever SyFy channel is showing a marathon, you must watch even if you already know all the episodes by heart.  Yes, even if Talky Tina gives you the ultimate willies.  And don't get me started on that hitchhiker!  My love of The Twilight Zone has made me appreciate good storytelling, GOOD Sci-Fi, and really really shitty special effects.  Hello, classic Doctor Who, I'm looking at you!  Which sort of brings us to...

4.  Buffy the Vampire Slayer  is indirectly the reason I chopped my long, long hair off in eighth grade.  Buffy looked great with a bob, what can I say?  When the show premiered, my friends and I were hooked.  We'd all gather at one home (usually the home whose mom made the best snacks, nachos FTW) and follow the foibles and fights of the sassy teenage heroine like crack.  After Buffy graduated high school, I fell off the bandwagon a bit until my own sophomore year of college, when I discovered how to steal cable from the downstairs neighbour and began watching seasons 4-7 in syndication early in the mornings before classes. 

5.  Battlestar Galactica  was introduced to me by a boy I liked.  Cringe, yes, I know.  He invited me over to watch it, which I assumed was a lame excuse to get me into his apartment...I was a little dismayed at first when he actually put the show on!  But even after feelings for the fella began to wane, I found I still loved the show and couldn't wait for that heart-pounding intro to start and the scenes to flash...just thinking about it gets my pulse racing!  I know it's kind of trashy (and the season on New Caprica totally jumped the shark, yes!) but I have re-watched this show so many times and still want to jump off the sofa with excitement every time!  So say we all!

Play along with me, The Nerdy Girlie, and SuperSpaceChick for the next couple months!  I want to see what everyone else comes up with!  And can you believe only ONE WEEK until Comic Con??  Here are the next topics in line for discussion so you can study up and come prepared to class:

October  3rd:  Gateway Fandoms That Made Me Who I Am Today
October 10th:  Geeky Clothing Items I Need In My Closet Immediately
October 17th:  Characters I'd Love To Dress Up As For Halloween
October 24th:  My Must See List of Halloween Movies
October 31st:  The Halloween Candy I Always Hope For When Trick-Or-Treating

November  7th:  Comfort Foods That Always Make Me Feel Better
November 14th:  Smart Phone Apps I Cannot Live Without
November 21st:  Characters I Would Invite To My Thanksgiving Feast
November 28th:  Black Friday Purchases I Would Sacrifice A Night Of Sleep For

See you next Friday, Fellow Fangirls!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

#tbt Baby's First ComicCon

Okay, okay, so these photos are only from 2012.  But with NYCC only ONE WEEK AWAY, I thought it was appropriate to share these photos of my first time at ComicCon!  I had so much fun, I mean, LOOK at that face!  I even got to live out my dream of mackin' on a Dalek!

I'm so excited to go back this year.  I really hope that Dalek remembers me!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Currently... in October

FEELING:  Optimistic.  Lucky.  Happy.  Things are going swell and I really can't complain!  I'm a little busy, and kind of overwhelmed by that, but I like being busy!  Or so I keep telling myself!

WATCHING:  NOTHING!  And I'm not even bothered one bit.  I have loads of Sailor Moon to catch up on when I have a chance, but honestly, I don't really care!

LISTENING TO:  Lately, The Specials have been hitting the right mellow cool groove for me.  And of course, lots of Pandora radio - New Wave, 70's, big band/jazz and 90's girl-driven bands.  

READING:  I'm going to make a terrible confession:  I quit on the middle of The Number of the Beast.  I know!  But I picked up Friday and am loving it!  So I hope Heinlein forgives me.  I've been reading a lot while my computer has been broken!

WORKING ON:  helping a friend with a costume for ComicCon, and that's pretty much it!

THINKING ABOUT:  taking a leap and how to begin.

EATING:  carrot juice (it's an acquired taste, but once you acquire it, you shall desire it!!!) and pumpkin-flavoured everything.  Cream cheese, ice cream, lattes, you name it, I'll try it.

LOOKING FORWARD TO:  BIG NEWS!  My friend got me into ComicCon for the WHOLE WEEKEND!  Hence helping with the costume.  I'm really excited to go!  I'm also looking forward to giving loads of big ghost tours, Halloween, and then November when things will slow down a little!

MAKING ME HAPPY:  taco nights and wine, discovering new things in the neighborhood like parks and wine, breathtaking views of Manhattan served with a side of wine. 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Rice Pudding

Trader Joe's Rice Pudding

Tastes Like:  Not too sweet, not too liquid, pleasantly chunky and delicious rice pudding!

Great With:  Lychees on top, a side of ice cream, and some English muffin to dip in it.

Perfect For:  Dessert that fools you into thinking it's healthier than it actually is?

Must Know:  Labelled "gluten free" right on top!

Costs:  $1.99 for a decent amount to mess around with.  Really cheap!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sunday Social

1.  What is your favourite magazine to read?

I will reluctantly admit here that I have a deep and flourishing love affair with bridal magazines.  The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings (nobody does bridal like a convicted felon), Modern's so shameful to be seen in public with them that I feel obligated to sneak to Barnes and Noble in a trench coat and fedora and pore over the pages with big aviator glasses hiding my sparkly eyes.  What's not to love about a magazine that's entirely comprised of ridiculous "problems" like choosing the colour palette that best expresses your personality, or picking napkin rings that unite cultural traditions?  On the other hand, the overall message most of the magazines reinforce is one of love.  The most important thing is love, sharing love, being around those you love and creating a lifetime of love.  Excuse me taking off these aviators to wipe my eyes, but what could be more beautiful than that?

2.  What is the best thing you've seen online lately?

I was recently very depressed by an article depicting the disgusting state of the New York City real estate market:

3.  Who is your favourite celebrity to follow on Instagram or Twitter?

Yoko Ono's twitter account is amazing.  It reminds me so much of "Grapefruit" and sometimes I have to laugh aloud at how ridiculous it sounds.  And yet, there are other times when her crazy advice hits home at just the right moment.  I love you, Yoko.  Please don't ever change.

4.  Is there one article of clothing no matter what season you can't help but love?

Sweatpants are the greatest pants in the world.  Everyone thinks leggings are soooo comfortable?  Morons!  SWEATPANTS are like Snuggies for your Southern Hemisphere.  I always try to find ways to justify sweatpants out and about.  During the day, I'll catch myself fantasizing about a hot mug of tea and my sweatpants.  my sybaritic sweatpants love knows no shame.

5.  Do you prefer email or snail mail?

I love getting snail mail!  I really love it SO MUCH that I think sometimes I order books on Amazon just to have them delivered to my house and prove that I EXIST IN THE WORLD because some secondhand bookseller knows my name (and my tragic addiction to Robert A. Heinlein).  I'm expecting two packages soon:  a new cell phone case (mine is starting to eat it) and UNICORN KIGURUMI.  Yes, giant footie pajamas complete with good and horn, wings and tail.  I bought it as a Halloween costume but now I'm pretty sure it will be my go-to weekend outfit!  I really can't wait for it to arrive!

Friday, September 26, 2014

To The Infant I Couldn't Stop Staring At In The Laundromat

hi, little guy.  I hope I didn't creep you out by staring at you in your impossibly tiny sweatsuit.  I doubt if you even noticed - your eyes wide and flicking all over the room, pausing on each new amazing sight to process and file it away.  everything is new and nothing is taken for granted as you sort each new feeling and experience.  Dad:  good.  Washing machine:  loud.  Nap time? Sybaritically divine.  you're new at this, but you catch on quick: ignoring the sophomoric Jerry Springer on the TVs and instead flashing your deep brown eyes at the laundress.  Always make friends with the laundress.  you'll learn that in time, but for now, there's more pressing tasks at hand.

soon you'll learn the names of all these things that astound you.  some you will whisper in shy, hushed tones, cautiously repeating.  others you may shriek loudly with joy: hi! yes! more! no! stop! bye!  you'll run too fast and fall down, and cry because you forgot where you were going in the first place with such haste.  you will develop a fearful respect for the toilet and cause your parents concern when you first attempt to use it as a splash pool.  you will taste and form opinions on these things we call "food" and some well-meaning adult will snap a picture of your smiling face covered in cake for the first time.  remember this, because in a little over a decade you will be tasked with finding and destroying such photo to prevent future embarrassment.  but for the moment, enjoy the cake.

yes, the well-meaning adults in your life will hover over you.  they are the stop-gaps that will keep your hands out of the toilet.  they are the living dictionaries from whom you will divine your budding vocabulary.  they are the givers and the takers of cake.  they will seem enemies to you at times.  it may take longer than you expect before you will understand their reasons.  but they love you.  I can vouch for that as it's plain across your dad's face, cradling you to his chest.  you don't notice his arms gently encircling you, his eyes filled with pride as yours scroll the walls and ceiling.  you might take for granted that he's always there to hold you, to watch you, to keep you from touching the icky things, to talk to you, to listen, and to spoil you with the occasional cake.  don't tell mommy, okay?

"Congratulations," I whisper at him. "thanks," he stops to wipe a long string of viscous drool off your chin.  he thinks I'm talking to him.  he deserves it too, don't get me wrong. but you, little human, have made it.  in the Russian Roulette of genetic chance, you emerged victorious onto our earthly playing field.  congratulations.  you made it, and we're all cheering for you.  welcome to life.  I hope you have a blast.  

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - Fall Edition

Autumn is my favourite season and I'm feeling especially amorous towards many things lately...

1.  the color Orange:  I have been seen wearing a Bumper Bowling Buddies t-shirt around town that I got as participation for a bowling league I was in...when I was six.  it still fits!  orange is also the colour of pumpkins, mango, my 100% carrot juice from Bolthouse Farms that I'm completely addicted to, and cheesy Halloween decorations.

2.  dressing like a slob!  I am now 30 and I'm beyond caring what you think of me for wearing sweatpants as regular clothing.  I think there's a lot to be said for them!  it's all about how you style it!  cozy sweaters, overalls, and hoodies also see a triumphant return this time of year.  oh, I feel a twinge of sadness to see the itty bitty dresses of summer get pushed further and further into the back of the closet, but there is a bit of comfort knowing that you don't have to concern yourself with sitting down on the subway.  comfort abounds.

3.  indoor activities!  all summer I've been meaning to go to the National Museum of the American Indian but have not been, because the weather was too nice to be indoors!  now I have no excuse not to see that, or the Poe exhibit at the Grolier Club, or the Nam June Paik show at the Asia Society, or what new coolness the MOMA has cooking, or my all-time favourite The Met, or catch some lectures at the Natural History museum.

4.  comfort food is the best.  I have been on a tea-drinking bender.  Twinning a sent me samples of their Chai tea bags and I allowed myself to buy the decaf flavor and have been kind of addicted to it.  cranberry juice makes a triumphant return as do amazingly crisp, fresh apples, seasonal desserts, and PUMPKIN EVERYTHING.  I love the whole "harvest" vibe and the awesome creativity they inspire!

5.  the accessories!  time to pull out the hats and scarves and get stylish with the new options fall presents!  I can't wait to wear my cat hats around town again (to much compliment!) and being reunited with my sizable scarf collection was an almost emotional experience for me!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Dried Flattened Banana

Trader Joe's Dried Flattened Banana

Tastes Like:  Banana-bread-flavored Fruit Roll Ups.

Great With:  a pinch of salt and a dash of cinnamon makes these puppies REALLY sing, but they're great on their own too!

Perfect For:  an unexpected addition to a sandwich, vegan fruity "lox" on a bagel, sushi or dessert sushi

Must Know:  can count the ingredients on one hand.  I'll give you a hint. 

Costs:  only $1.29.  ONLY $1.29!!!  You literally have no excuse not to try these, unless you're stupid and allergic to bananas.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Social

1.  What is your favourite part of Fall?

I'd have to say the smells!  Nutz 4 Nutz carts, dried leaves, fireplaces!  Not to mention cinnamon and pumpkin and apples.  I feel like fall is the most sensual season!

2.  Do you have anything special planned for Fall?

My job is giving ghost tours, so I'm going to be working almost nonstop in October.  I'm going to New York Comic Con on 10/10, and I'm excited beyond words!  I love NYCC!  November should be relaxing.  I just want to enjoy as much of it as possible!

3.  What is Fall like in your area?

Autumn in New York City?  everythig wonderful happens at once.  the tourists go home, the weather dips cooler, and it's like a second chance at summer.  Today I'm going to Coney Island to see a short film festival and then I'm going to enjoy the boardwalk while it's (hopefully) mostly deserted!  I can't wait!

4.  What is your favourite football team to cheer for?

Football?  Don't grok it.  I will stop and watch sports being played in parks!  it's a lot more fun to see amateurs going at it and hurling insults and cheers than professionals.

5.  Do you decorate for Fall?  Show us pics!

I SHOULD decorate for fall!  my room is always kind of "fall" because I have a big candy corn pillow and autumnal pot-holders everywhere (don't ask).  it's not called "hoarding", it's "curating" !!!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

#tbt Everybody's Doin' It

Back when I was in first or second grade, I begged my parents to let me pierce my ears.  All my friends were showing up at school with dainty, sparkly studs, and I wanted to be just as grown-up as they were!  My parents' answer was an emphatic NO.  "You're too young," was the reasoning.  

Until my Aunt Kathie came into town.  Aunt Kathie was my mom's hip, single younger sister whose famous M.O. was spoiling her nieces and nephews.  Aunt Kathie snuck me off to the Piercing Pagoda in the Oakdale Mall and I returned home victorious, pain-free, and sporting tiny purple stones in my ears.  Purple - of course.

Over the years, I stopped wearing earrings because they got tangled in my hair, I would forget to put them in, they would snag, etc etc etc.  Eventually the holes in my lobes "closed up."  I'm okay with that.  But I did miss having a bit of sparkle in my ears...

So last Wednesday, I went down to Pure Body Arts inside of Sacred Tattoo and a lovely woman named Starr gave me this little daith piercing!  It can't get snagged on my hair, it still didn't hurt, and I think it goes to show that I'm not "too old" to have fun.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Trader Joe's Tuesday: Crispy Crunchy Jackfruit Chips

Trader Joe's Crispy Crunchy Jackfruit Chips

Tastes Like:  Very thick banana-and-passion-fruit-flavored Fritos.

Great With:  I have to be honest, my boyfriend and I tried dipping these in almost everything in my fridge.  These are totally the loner of the dried fruit aisle: I had a hard time finding complements for them!  Even Greek Yogurt did nothing for it!  Dipping them in apple butter was the least cacophonous combination, and we hypothesize that a very sweet salsa (like a mango-peach salsa) would be great.  Alas, they are a scoop-shaped food that doesn't really taste good with anything scooped in them!

Perfect For:  an attack of the "crunchies" when you just want to chomp on something.  They are very sweet and very thick with only the slightest gummy moist trademark of dried fruit.

Must Know:  These are not labeled with any food warnings but I ate quite a lot and did not have any adverse reaction.

Costs:  $2.69, pretty lower-end for the dried fruit aisle!
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