Saturday, December 26, 2009

Strange New Old Discoveries

Moving back to your home town is like putting on the shoes that were your favourites as a kid: They're not exactly the same as you remember them, and they feel slightly too small and uncomfortable.

I saw this episode...

snoop dogg and martha stewart
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Sadly true

funny graphs and charts
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tammy the Starbucks Pug

Last Wednesday, on my walk home, I saw the cutest thing: A pug sitting outside a Starbuck in a pink leash, staring forlornly into the window, as if to say, "Bring me a frappucino, kay?"

THIS MORNING: Eli met her for real in the Starbucks in Times Square...sitting on her owner's lap, being hand fed a scone. Her name is Tammy. Tammy the Starbucks pug.

Four Stupidest Things To Do On The Subway

1. Cross between cars with a stroller - it's probably safer to just leave your baby in the other car and sit in the new car alone.

2. Eating soup - I saw this yesterday and I couldn't believe it. And this was after she ate coleslaw AND a burger. Couldn't wait to get home to crack open that soup, though.

3. Not locking the brakes on your baby's stroller and then playing with your Blackberry as your baby flies backwards across the car until a random kind stranger catches it - enough said.

4. Opening up your coffee to put in sugar, spilling it on yourself, mopping it up, and then spilling it on yourself again because during the act of mopping it up, you forgot to replace the lid.
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