Saturday, June 30, 2012

Let's Play Saturday: Dave & Buster's!

Dave & Buster's is like my nirvana.  It plays perfectly into my addictive mindset, competitive nature and love of swiping magnetic strips.  How is that not paradise?  It's like Las Vegas, if Las Vegas had big-screen interactive Fruit Ninja.  Hellz Yeah!  Here are some of my favourite games there:

Mario Kart!  I never win.  NEVER!  I think I maybe won ONCE.  I'm so bad at this game, I basically keep over-correcting my steering, bouncing from one wall to the other with the pedal to the metal!  But that doesn't stop me from trying to beat people at Mario Kart, even if it means shoving them to distract them when we're close.  Mario Kart can be a contact sport, if you let it!

Skee-Ball!  A classic!  My Skee-Ball skills are very hit-and-miss.  I'll usually get one 50pt. shot in a game, sometimes one 100pt. shot, and the rest are lucky if they stay in MY lane!

Deal or No Deal is the most intense thing you will ever experience.  This is like crack for adrenaline junkies!  One time, we hit the jackpot, and it was so, so sweet.  I've never even watched the show, but I played this game in London and got hooked - I'm not about to quit now!

And arcade would be complete without those games loaded full of coins, with the sweeper.  You know?  The one where you feed coins in, hoping to knock coins off the ledge?  I have no photo of this because this is my single favourite game.  I will literally spend hours feeding coins into these machines. 

And that's why I'm safer at Dave & Buster's than a casino:  it's all just fun and games!  You play until you get tired or run out of money, trade in your tickets for Angry Birds toys and candy, then warm up down the street at Papaya Dog with some piping hot jalapeno poppers.  Because you earned them.

Do you have an arcade near you?
Did you grow up popping quarters into Donkey Kong?
Which is better:  Pac-Man or Ms. Pa Man?

Answer in the comments!

1 comment:

  1. I never play arcade games, but I love Mariokart on the Wii and Nintendo, so it's gotta be good there too!

    Happy Saturday :)


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