Saturday, November 17, 2012

30DHN: My Family

Today is a scary morning.  I'm waiting to see if I'm scheduled to work on Black Friday.  If I am, it means I'll be spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, AND New Year's alone.  No family.

The funny thing about my family is that I grew up independent.  I never really saw the importance of family.  I wanted to branch out and be free, go off and explore.  But at my every down turn, my family was there as a safety net to catch me.  They grounded me and supported me and though I disappoint them many, many times, I think we all learn from each other.

Wish me luck, folks. 

And never take your family for granted. 
Especially not at Thanksgiving,

So Fawned 30 Days Hath November


  1. From the looks of things you'll be going home??

    1. YES! I found out last night (after I had scheduled this post, ha) and bought my ticket this afternoon!!! Not home exactly, but to Buffalo.


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