Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Traditions: Cards on Yarn

Perhaps one of the strangest decorations I can remember hanging in my childhood home around Christmas time was a thick, twisted rope of red yarn.

It hung in the kitchen against the wall like a clothesline, to string up Christmas cards from years and years ago, people whose names I didn't recognize, but only the "prettiest" cards would make the cut.

I haven't a yarn in my apartment, but my snazzy Christmas tree serves as a hub for all the Christmas cards roomie and I have recieved this year - and thanks to all who sent us lovely greetings!

As for that red yarn, I sent my glitteriest, prettiest Christmas card this year.
I hope it makes the cut.


  1. I hang mine on the arch from my living room to my kitchen. I put everyone up =]

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  3. Actually, ALL of the cards received that year were hung on the red yarn. Which I found today, BTW. We just hung the prettiest ones in the middle, where they could be seen better. I can send you the paper hooks if you like....


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