Tuesday, January 8, 2013

First Time with IV, V, VI

One of my unofficial New Year's Resolutions is to try new things.  I already try everything I can - I'm always down to visit a new restaurant, try a new food, shake up my routine a little.  But there have been some things that, over the years, I just have never done.  And the time has come to correct this.

FOR INSTANCE, in my 28.5 years as a human being, I had heretofore never seen the Star Wars trilogy.

I know.  Shame!  I felt like a total fraud at ComicCon.  I came very close to seeing it several times, but it just never happened for me until just recently and YOU GUYS.  I just wanna watch it over and over again!

My favourite movie was Return of the Jedi.  I believe I can defend this thesis with several good (spoiler) bits of evidence:

1.  Han is totally sensitive.  Where he used to be all cocky and winky, he shows a softer side when Leia gets injured and offers to bow out of the way to allow her to pursue her affections for Luke.  Aww.

2.  Luke is way more badass!  In the first two, he's all "Wah wah, I can't save the galaxy!  I'll never finish Jedi training!  This is too hard!  Wah wah!".  However, in Return of the Jedi, he dons a slick outfit (seriously, the outfit ALONE makes it better) and is all "Hey, I'm a Jedi, you WILL do what I say!"  Gotta say, that's a change for the better.

3.  YOU GUYS, Ewoks are NOT THAT AWFUL.  There is so much Ewok hate out there, and just based on their role in this movie alone, I don't understand it.  They're fairly cute AND they help take on the Empire.  WHY U NO LIKE EWOKS, INTERNET?

4.  Leia is awesome.  I was worried about the whole "gold bikini" thing making her a victim but what does she do in that gold bikini?  She strangles Jabba to death.  Not only that, but I adored the bomb-toting bounty hunter ploy.  HOW AWESOME!?

5.  Darth Vader is a good guy in the end!  He saves Luke's life and then everyone wins and the Empire is defeated and yayyyyy!  I love when bad guys save the day - Severus Snape anyone? - because bad guys are fun, and when they go good, you feel justified in being able to say that they were really your favourites all along.

HOW ABOUT YOU?  HAVE YOU ALL SEEN STAR WARS?  Just when were you gonna let me borrow your DVDs, huh?  Too late for that.  But you can drop me a comment and tell me:

1.  Which of the three was YOUR favourite:  A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, or Return of the Jedi

2.  Is it worth seeing the prequels?  Seriously, I wanna know.  Are they good?  Or will it ruin the originals?

3.  Do you think the rumors are true, and Disney will make three more movies?  Are you excited?


  1. So ironic. I just watched all 3 last weekend! I definitely am in favor of watching the prequels. They answer some unanswered questions I had and made things flow more clearly to me.

    Ewoks are awesome. All I kept thinking was "aww teddy bears!"

    I didn't know about the Disney thing and no I don't think they should touch them. I'd got with 4 and 6 being my faves.

  2. I have seen them all and I'm a total Star wars nerd! I had my son humming the Darth Vader them song when he was 2! That was 11 years ago...totally love them.

    I also nominated you for a little bloggy award :



  3. I love Star Wars! The original trilogy is definitely the best. I don't really like the prequels at all. I am a huge Star Wars nerd. I can even play some of the songs on my flute. And Return of the Jedi is my favorite too!

  4. "The Empire Strikes Back" is usually considered the best of the three, but I also like "RotJ" because, well, gold bikini! Sorry! :-) The Ewoks are fine, people just hated them at the time because they're, well, as someone pointed out above, teddy bears. (Read: blatant attempts to sell toys to children). Wait for Jar-Jar Binks!!! The prequels suck but you should watch them anyway. They don't ruin the originals in any way, they're just not as well written and can be ridiculously boring. Lots of special effects crammed in there, though!

  5. empire strikes back is my personal favorite but i definitely dont have a problem with ewoks.


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