Monday, January 7, 2013

Mani Mondays: Discount Disco

So the other day at work, my friend who always has the best makeup was showing off her super glittery silver Nails Inc nailpolish.

Two days later, I found the look for less at Duane Reade:

Sinful Colors' "Queen of Beauty"

Disco ball nails and money left over to pay the cover fee to get into the disco?  You know it.


  1. I love Sinful Colors nail polish! It is seriously my favorite and so inexpensive that I can just buy it in any color I want whenever I see a pretty color in the store.

  2. I like that brand too, I have yet to try the glitter sliver. I am picky about glitters since most of them never seem to come out like the way I want.
    I am now going to have to pick up a bottle :P Thanks for sharing!



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