Friday, January 4, 2013

The Surprise Haircut Club

After work last Sunday, I went out and got a haircut.

I thought I was being so sneaky and cool, running out and cutting my hair into a totally new style to ring in the new year with a new 'do.  I told a few people at work, but kept it a secret from my roommate - I wanted to surprise her!

I walked in the door to the apartment and could hear Roommate in the living room, so I announced, "I have a surprise announcement!"

To which she replied, "I got a haircut!"

I rushed into the living room to see that she had, unbeknownst to me, gotten a shaggy pixie cut in the style of Mandy Moore in How to Deal. 

I fell to the floor, rolling around in laughter until I could feel tears welling up behind my eyes.

"I think it's too short on me,"  she confessed.

"I think mine is too short on me!"  I continued laughing.

"It's the Surprise Haircut Club!"  I gasped between outbursts of laughter.  "We should never surprise each other again!  From now on, we always attend each others' haircuts!"

After the laughter died down, we talked each other back to sanity.

"You can style it so many different ways,"  I observed.  "And I can always add some layers for movement."

I put my head under the bath spigot to get my hair wet to re-style it the way I usually do, and came to the conclusion that it isn't so bad:

And here's the obligatory fuzzy Instagram photo of my haircut:

I guess it just goes to show that great minds think alike, under their new hairstyles.


  1. Meaghan, no. I LOVE this on you. It looks awesome!

  2. I think it looks great too! You and your roomie are totally adorable :)


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