Thursday, February 7, 2013

Coffee Talk #21

1. What's for dinner tonight?

The typical dinner is a salad of iceberg lettuce and cubed tofu, with Italian dressing.  Fascinating, I'm sure!  If I'm eating out, there's no telling!

2. Top 3 TV shows you never miss.

I'm afraid I've fallen quite a bit behind on TV, but when I get the chance, I can't wait to catch up on Girls, Downton Abbey, and the newest season of RuPaul's Drag Race!

3. What type of body wash are you currently using?

I actually bought a bar of glycerin soap that smells like tart green apples at a Duane Reade in Stuyvesant Town while stalling for time after arriving too early to an engagement.  It reminds me of being an adolescent, all my citrus-y glycerin soaps, and the ones they used to sell at Tom's Cards and Gifts - home of the world's most wonderful coffee!

4. Take a photo of what's in front of you.

Oh yeah, baby.  I'm watching Doctor Who!

5. What's your favorite fruit?

I've been eating a terrible lot of clementines lately.  Sometimes three a night!  Maybe I'm getting too much Vitamin C? 

6. Spring is almost here, show me your go-to outfit!

Yes, it may not look like much, but I am So Sick of wearing layer upon layer this winter just to stay warm that I cannot wait to walk out the door in a T-shirt and Jeans.  Please excuse the awkward pose, there are two vacuum cleaners behind me in the photo and I used a self-timer.  The jeans are almost brand new, and the T-shirt celebrates my newfound love of robots, it's my new favourite shirt and I bought it at Forbidden Planet, which makes me So Cool.


  1. Thanks for joining me with coffee talk! I hope you continue every week with the new direction it's taking!!

  2. clementines are the perfect wintry fruit,so small and tasty :)

    i love me some downton abbey too!

    happy thursday!

  3. Hey! I just fount your blog and I'm really enjoying it. Just wanted to stop by.


  4. I cannot WAIT to leave the house in just a layer instead of LAYERS! For some reason, I keep watching Girls, but I don't see the appeal... I dunno. I keep watching though.


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