Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Winter Block Party

Hey Inconsiderate Neighbor!

Do you LOVE block parties? 
The late hours? 
The screaming? 
The repetitive dance music with thumping base line? 

You must hate the fact that it's winter, and too cold for block parties, huh?

Well, NOT ANYMORE!  Because I have a solution for you!

Instead of standing in the cold street to scream with your neighbors, why not position your stereo to face out an open window?  Crank up the heat, wrap up in an afghan, crack open a 40 and scream at and/or with your neighbors from the comfort of your own living room!

No longer must you shiver on the sidewalks to howl along the only English lyrics to "Gangnam Style".  Now you can misappropriate dated cultural phenomenon from your very own couch/futon!

And for those of you worried about limited romantic prospects at this new style of block party, need I remind you that Romeo wooed Juliet from beneath her balcony?

Why wait for spring and above-freezing temperatures?  Open your window and scream mindlessly across the air shaft TODAY!

based on a true story

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