About Me

Hi!  My name is Meghan Sara - Meghan with an "H", Sara without.  I hate cantaloupe, clean when I'm stressed and can't talk on the phone without pacingI'm a feminist, atheist, humanist, sentimentalist.  And my clothes rarely match.

I write because I love words.  Specifically adjectives.  I was never called "pretty," and fall short even of the second-place "nice personality" compliment.  What did I get?  "You have such a great vocabulary!"  Well, let me work it.

New York City is my home, and my dream come true!  I moved to the Big Apple in September 2008, because I watched West Side Story at my dad's behest back in 19971997Be careful what you wish for...

"So, what do you do?" 
Well, I actually give ghost tours for Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours.  Yes.  I tell ghost stories for a living.  I've got a decent Yelp rep from it!

Surprisingly enough, I do not bite.  So feel free to like my blog page on Facebook! My Twitter is, if I do say so myself, pretty hilarious.  Or you can email me at meghansarakarre@gmail.com!  Enjoy!
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